martes, 6 de junio de 2017

mstsc.exe not responding

Last week I experienced an annoying delay in the startup time of mstsc.exe (terminal server client) of about 10-15 minutes. I 'googled' a lot and I found a bunch links discussing about security certificates, corrupted system files and other logical causes.

A server related problem was discarted because there wasn't any problem connecting to the same server from other client.

Obviously anything I found doesn't work ... My last chance was a open-source terminal server client for windows... (FreeRDP) and it last the same time to startup.... interesting... (and frustrating!).

After a lot of test, I analized my system event viewer:

Any terminal server client can share resources between server and client, so it looks obvious it "wait" until all resources are ready. My cdrom drive was dead, so it was delaying all the startup process of mstsc.exe. After disabling the unit, all worked perfectly.

I'm not saying this is THE SOLUTION, of all problems related to mstsc.exe, it was my solution.

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